Start Ugly, How I Got Here

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Ever since being diagnosed with a Mental Illness in 11th grade, this has been my journey. From Hypnotherapy, to Improv and finally dusting off a 4 year old microphone..
  1. My experience with Hypnotherapy
  2. I attend IMPROV classes and begin to learn how it can be useful for everyday life
  3. Why having a Mental Illness doesn’t make you special…
How I got here Steven in Mykonos

Starting Ugly

A quick intro to the show; from Hypnotherapy to improv and finally dusting off a 4-year-old microphone… I talk about why I am here and why I am focused on broaching the topic and on a conversation about Mental Health. In my mind, this project took way too long to get started. Looking back I realize I was held back by all the classic bullshit that holds most of us back…

The first was Overcoming Imposter’s Syndrome for starters; feeling like “who the hell am I to share my opinion and of all topics, Mental Health!?” But slowly I found a way to overcome this nasty thing that I’m sure crushes many people’s chances. And the haunting feeling over Not Wanting to Outshine those around me, or put in another way, I have been playing it small for the sake of others..

I recently dove deeper into this dynamic in the episode where I talk about Making Peace with Inner Demons and realizing fearing my feminine side was keeping me from fully expressing myself.

I hope you enjoy it.

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